• Thank You for Making Give Back, Smile Back a Success!

    We appreciate your support in this amazing initiative and your commitment to the oral health of all Canadians.

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We’re grateful for all the teams that gave back to those in need in their communities this year.

From BC to Newfoundland and Labrador, 35 practices across the dentalcorp network helped children and adults, who have no or limited access to dental care, receive the dental treatment they needed by donating their skills and time.

Last year, our teams treated 1,201 patients, donated $500,000 in services, and 72,360 minutes of their time. Your generosity has been extraordinary this year.

We appreciate your commitment to excellence, integrity and collaboration. The Charity Committee looks forward to launching next year's program this December.

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Participating Teams

Give Back Smile Back 2018


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Give Back Smile Back 2018


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Give Back Smile Back 2018

What our teams say

"I can not express how truly rewarding this has been."

  • Not only for the patients of the [charity] that we were privileged enough to serve, but for all of our team members involved! This was hands down the most wonderful team building experience we have had.

    In total, we had four Doctors, four Hygienists, six RDA's, our Steri assistant, and five Administrative team members including myself all donate their time and service. Our team managed to provide more than $295,000 to 36 patients, including hygiene, exams, restorative and surgical services, and nutritional health instruction.

    I also have to say that we LOVED the Give Back, Smile Back brochures provided in the oral health bags. This made it easy to have conversations with patients regarding preventative maintenance.

    - Jamie-Lee, Practice Manager, CALGARY, AB


It is an opportunity to improve the lives of those who need it most.

Every year during April Oral Health Month, we invite practices to join us in celebrating the importance of oral health through the Give Back, Smile Back program.

This is a charitable initiative which provides dental care to patients in need through donated time and services. Practices in the network volunteer their time for this fantastic opportunity by contributing to a rewarding community service program.

Your team will choose a day in April to participate, partner with a local charity of your choice, and provide care to a limited number of patients during the day. 

You will be provided oral health kits to hand out to patients. These kits are complete with a brush, toothpaste, floss, and a brochure branded for your practice about oral health. We will also send t-shirts for your team and will help manage any PR and media for your event. If you'd like, a photographer can be arranged to visit the event and take pictures for you.

Our goal for 2019 is to have 50 dentalcorp practices participate in the program across the country. Program registration opens in December. If you're in the network and interested in participating, or would like more information, please contact the Charity Committee at giveback@dentalcorp.ca

  • Give Back Smile Back 2018
  • Give Back Smile Back 2018